Rushil Investment

Rushil Investment

Rushil Investment is registered with NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) and established in 2006 having diverse range of facilities for the Investors.


Fixed Deposit is an investment option offered by Banks or any other NBFC companies where investors can invest their money for a higher interest rate than in a savings account. Once the funds invested in the FD account, there is the guarantee of receiving the stated rate of return on it. There are some benefits of investing the funds in FDs like getting Tax benefit u/s 80C of income tax Act, 1961, Safe Investment, Higher rate of Interest, Flexibility, and Liquidity.


Secure your life with insurance and ensure to live tension free life. We provide us the best insurance for investors and their families for protection and mitigate the risk and offer security in advance. Benefit for also tax saving and secure the future goals and encourage savings which result in a great wealth corpus.

Capital Gain
Tax Bonds

This investment is beneficial to the investor to save long-term capital gain tax. Capital gain Tax Bonds issued on behalf of selling the property on which long-term capital gain tax apply. Investors can invest in this bond to save the tax when they sell the property. These bonds come under section 54EC like NHAI Bonds, REC Bonds, PFC Bonds, and IRFC Bonds. They are secure, safe, and AAA-rated. Interest will be taxable and paid annually. No TDS will deduct, and wealth tax is exempt. The key point is that individuals and HUF both can invest in these bonds.

Mutual Funds
(Wide Span)

Our Subsidiary company Rushil Investment is one of the best advisory consultants for all investments in mutual funds. Mutual funds are an excellent investment option for individual investors to get exposure to an expert managed portfolio and achieve a long-term goal with a small start-up in the investment world. Mutual Funds is classifying as

  • Debt fund
  • Equity Fund
  • Hybrid Fund
  • Balanced Fund

The most significant advantage in the mutual fund is the SIP called a Systematic Investment Plan, which gives investors a comfortable investment every month, quarterly or bi-annually.

Sovereign Bonds

Sovereign Bonds are debt instruments issued by the government and denominated in foreign and domestic currency. Similar to other bonds, the investor gets a certain amount of interest for a stipulated number of years and repays the face value at the time of maturity. Unlike physical gold, investing in SGBs is more secure in terms of storage. There is no GST levied on the SGBs compare to gold coins and bars. SGBs are collateral for loans. There are tradable on the stock exchange within a fortnight of issuance on a date as notified by RBI.

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