Mr. Ashish Soni started his professional journey in May 2006 as a sole-proprietor to achieve a top position in the financial market. He worked from the bottom level and, with his excellent skills of doing thoughtful planning; he prepared the roadmap that made his journey very accurate and rationalized.

He started a business with Mutual Funds, Insurance, and FDs, and further, with 15 years of experience, He now succeeds in the position in India’s most important Financial Market. Indian Financial market is grown after the economic reforms in 1991. Indian Capital Market is one of the essential factors in the financial market all over the world. The Fixed Income Market is less volatile, ensures high liquidity, and is much larger than the stock market. 

His efforts to give investment planning advice to the investors usually recommend maintaining a diversified portfolio to be effortless for the investor to get any time liquidity. He invests maximum his time in this business and work, and with the support of his team members, today, with abundant knowledge, we provide the best choices in the investment and secure the money of investors. We always maintain a trustworthy relationship with our clients and do our work with honesty. We are always ready with our future trends and forecasting to give the client the best opportunity for planning wealth in this Global market with the defined motive of – “GATEWAY TO HAVE RICHER LIFE.”


Mrs Trusha Ashish Soni started her journey from full-time employment for 14 years in the visa department and now the co-founder at Trade Securities and Financial Services. With her knowledge of the market understanding, communication skills and sheer dedication to achieve the top position in the Indian Financial market, she succeeded in reaching this position. With her best knowledge, she can now suggest the best investment options to the clients looking to their future requirements and help make their future retirement plans much secure and diversified.

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